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Our Epson Wide Format Printer, prints on all types of Media including Canvas, Water Color, and High Quality Fine Art Matte papers.  We use Archival inks to make Museum Quality Prints and Wall Décor.
In our Print Shop, we make Signs, Banners, Canvas Wall Art, and Fine Art Prints.  We also design and make Business Cards, Post cards, Mailers, Sales Sheets, Menu’s and can design and provide all of your Business printing needs.  We have designed countless new Logos and mail pieces for business, marketing and even political campaigns.  Give us your Idea and we will turn it into a workable marketing material.  Then even print it and mail it!
Triptychs are a popular type of wall décor. Canvas Wraps
can turn your photos, or Ours, into Beautiful works of Art.
We also have Years of  experience working with Photoshop, Lightroom, and other digital photo manipulation software.  We can Restore, Re-touch, and clean up your photographs before printing.  We can also Scan your older printed photographs, and restore them to a like-new look. Then Print and Frame them for a Beautiful Wall Art Piece.  We also have our own Artistic website with many of our prints available at http://www.idahopictures.com.
Need Artwork to fill your empty office wall space?  Give us a call and we can put together ideas and provide local artwork and modern Décor Wall Art that will spruce up those bare walls.
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