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All Tech Imaging
PO Box 272
Priest River, Idaho 83856
We do all kinds of Aerial Drone photography and videography.   Just about anything from the air, tree top level or higher. Drone flyover videos and photos are amazing tools for Sales and Marketing, Search and Rescue, News Reports, Construction, Bridge Inspections, Tower Inspections, Landscaping, Exterior Painting, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Private Homes for sale by owner, Factories, Golf Courses, Hotels, Condos, Apartments, Industrial Buildings, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls and Store Front, Auto Dealerships, Roof Inspections, Highway Repair, Travel, Boat on the Lake, Marinas, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Weddings, Motorcycle Rallies, Company Events, Concerts, Festivals, Parties, and other Special Events.
Please contact us for more information about our fantastic photo and video services using our drone aircraft!

FAA Commercial UAS Drone licensing brings a new and exciting dimension to aerial photography. With the extreme high cost of renting full-size aircraft and more added expense of hiring pilots. We will come directly to your place and lift off our small radio controlled drone in a safe area to quickly photograph your project. We personally shoot all of the aerial drone photography and video.
Our FAA UAS Pilot license allows us to fly where others cannot.  We are able to request waivers from the FAA to fly safely in areas and circumstances otherwise prohibited to flight by hobbyist aircraft.  Our licensed Pilot can generate FAA NOTAM’s to inform other aircraft and pilots in our area of operations that we are operating in controlled airspace. Our FAA trained Pilot and Registered Drone aircraft are allowed to operate in many FAA controlled airspaces and are “protected” just like any other piloted aircraft from being harassed or otherwise interfered with.  It is a Felony to damage, interfere with in flight or otherwise harm our registered aircraft operated by our licensed Pilot.  It is also unlawful to sell any imagery or otherwise utilize for profit any Drone aircraft not Commercially Registered and operated by an FAA UAS licensed Pilot.  Our FAA Training and Licensing has taught us how and where we can fly, and how to operate our Drone Aircraft according to FAA Flight rules and more specifically how to operate in a Safe and Respectful manner.
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